Hell's Fire

Hell's Fire

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Hell’s Fire
Genetics: Hell’s OG x Crockett’s Confidential
Plant Type: 70% Indica 30% Sativa
Cannabinoids - 23.49% THC; 0.25% CBGa
Terpenes - 5.6 mg/g terpinolene; 5.27 mg/g B caryophyllene

Hell’s Fire is a cross of a very potent Indica Hybrid, Hell’s OG and Crockett’s Confidential, each of which is an Indica Hybrid powerhouse. Our Hell’s Fire phenotype is potent; it is, unquestionably a cultivar for the seasoned consumer. Users can enjoy an uplifting euphoric sensation along with body and mind relaxation. Hell’s Fire has a most common terpene of limonene, which can make it a great strain for those dealing with stress and anxiety.

The resin covered flowers smell of honeyed musk, reflective of Mother Earth’s wet floor after a heavy rain, with an undertone of sweet grapes and fermented fruit. On the palate users will enjoy a robust earthiness with just a hint of pine.

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